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Why Train at Quest Martial Arts Chandler?

Hello, my name is Michael Akitoshi Stinson and I am the owner and senior instructor of Quest Martial Arts Chandler. If you are reading this you are looking for something new in your life. I don’t know whether its for self defense purposes, increased fitness or simply to try something new and be a part of an amazing community.

Whatever your reasons are Quest Martial Arts can help!

Gain True Confidence in the Face of Conflict and/or Stress

In today’s world most of us have never learned effective ways of dealing with conflict and stress. Whether it is physical, mental or psychological we have often simply developed knee jerk reactions based on fear or aggression.

At Quest Martial Arts Chandler we specialize in teaching you the tools you need to face the daily challenges in your life! From the schoolyard to the office to a dark alley at the wrong time…bullies and predators are a fact of life. Learning how to recognize and deal with these individuals will give you back control of your life!

Learn to Live Healthier in Body and Mind

So many of our days are spent behind some sort of box. Computers, televisions, mp3 players, game consoles and cell phones! Many of us have lost touch with how to live healthy.

We are out of shape…adult and child obesity is a growing epidemic in our country! Many of the traditional exercise programs no longer keep our attention. We require more stimulating activity to keep ourselves motivated and committed to getting and staying in shape.

Quest Martial Arts provides an exciting, invigorating and ever changing dynamic way to lose weight, increase flexibility and gain strength!

Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family in A Positive Community

Finally consider what better way to spend time with your family and friends! Imagine how it will feel to know that while you are getting stronger, healthier and more powerful the people you care about most in the world are right there alongside you.

The way to beat the bad guys in this world is to create the kind of shining light that drives away the shadows in which they prey. For too long now the Heroes have simply lived in the movies and video games.

I look forward to discussing your goals further with you. Call us today or register online.

Michael Akitoshi Stinson

A few more reasons to join us…

  • Connector.

    Spirit of adventure

  • Connector.

    Increased focus and effectiveness

  • Connector.

    Invigorating personal challenge

  • Connector.

    Skills of personal discipline

  • Connector.

    Good health, fitness and increased energy

  • Connector.

    More options for successful choices in life

  • Connector.

    Practical self-defense skills

  • Connector.

    Sense of peace and security

  • Connector.

    Heightened sense of self-confidence

  • Connector.

    Network of new and interesting friends

  • Connector.

    Improved ability to communicate clearly and directly

  • Connector.

    Momentum of achievement in all you do

  • Connector.

    Family closeness, for couples, or parents training with children

…and it’s a lot of fun!

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Our Martial Arts students come to us from Chandler, Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale and even as far as North Phoenix and Payson. You never know who you may run into!