Dear Parents…

I am sure you have already heard how kids martial arts training can increase your child’s focus, respect, discipline and overall potential that we ALL want for our kids…

What you may not know is how truly life changing it can be…how training can help with just about EVERY aspect of your child’s life. Want to know more? Keep reading or come on in for our 10-day Trial!


Children today need to feel more secure in the world, and also learn they are ultimately responsible for creating that security for themselves and others. To learn this enormous life lesson, they must learn to keep going through things that would normally hold them back. In a systematic, safe and fun way, Quest Martial Arts Chandler will help your child explore and stretch all the physical, mental and spiritual (could substitute behavioral or emotional here) boundaries.


Each class is specifically designed for your child to cultivate the art of winning, which includes:

  • paying attention
  • building strength
  • achieving goals
  • associating with people who seek balance
  • expanding their ability to take care of others
  • and nurturing a sense of community and connectedness.


Martial arts training teaches children how to develop:

  • “honest confidence”
  • the value of teamwork
  • plans for achieving challenging goals
  • the ability to encourage others
  • focus
  • and the lifelong love of healthy fitness.


We transform young lives by teaching children to avoid negative forces while developing their strengths – creating leaders and peacemakers dedicated to using their training to benefit the community.

Give the Gift of Confidence!

LIMITED TIME OFFER – 10 days of free training!


What Parents are Saying are about our Kids Martial Arts Classes!

I really enjoy coming to class and watching the kids. I feel Hailee has learned a great deal of self respect and discipline since beginning class here. I think that instructors give each child individual attention, and praise, and also help the children to understand when and why they are disciplined. Overall I would recommend this school to anyone! Thank you for all your hard work and patience.- Summer Hargis
Calah has been working on starting and finishing her homework on her own. This has been a struggle since day one but has slowing been improving. I have full confidence that Calah truly will accomplish this through time. Her focus on goals in the home have improved greatly since to-shin do classes for Calah have began.I am so proud of Calah and her growing ability to focus and learn and without this opportunity in martial arts would not have been so quickly achieved. I give thanks!!!Amy Achtner
Jayden is working on his focus and paying more attention to piano, practicing school work, and other activities. He is a lot more independent and tries to accomplish tasks on his own. He is learning to read and loves to help others read too.Aaron Ketterer
  • Connector.


    How to take charge so that everyone can win

  • Connector.


    Eyes and mind unfailingly on the right target

  • Connector.


    Sticking with a noble but challenging goal

  • Connector.


    Positive ways to win no matter what life dishes out

  • Connector.


    The truly powerful extend care for all

  • Connector.


    The importance of treating others with dignity

  • Connector.


    How to make and keep peace

  • Connector.


    Life-long love of healthy vibrant living

  • Connector.


    Bringing out the best in everyone

Questions and Answers!

That could be a possibility in a poor quality school run by a questionable instructor. That’s why it is so important to enroll your child in our professionally run school with our caring and inspired teachers. We emphasize the beauty and power of being a protector instead of a predator. We teach children how to help others feel good around them by instilling our children with knowledge of why some kids choose bullying as their way to get attention and feel important. Experience has shown that the more skilled the true martial artist, the less likely they will jump to physical solutions for disagreements. They win just by carrying themselves like a winner.
A discount program run by hobbyists is likely to be poorly designed and unskillfully presented, and will quickly drain your child’s enthusiasm. Naturally, they will want to quit, and there will be no way to convince them that a new school will be a better experience. You will lose the opportunity for your child to get the real and lasting benefits of authentic martial arts empowerment. Start with the best school right now from the beginning.
Then right now is the perfect time to teach your child the new habit of planning ahead for the rewards that come with success and then sticking to that promise. We’ll help you make that needed transition in your child’s life.
No. Quest Martial Arts trained teachers in padded armor simulate assaults to let students test themselves under high pressure. As a self-defense school, we train for situations very different from a contest ring. Our goal is not to challenge competitors, but to develop the protector skills and know-how to establish peace when others might choose bullying or violence – skills very different from those needed to win a prize in a fighting contest.
The best possible way is to try us out and see what we deliver. Register online for a 10 day FREE trial or phone us at 480-756-2323and we will set up an appointment for you to visit the school with your child and meet our instructors. We will ask you some questions about what you want your child to get out of martial arts training. We will ask a few questions about who you are, what is important to you, and who your child is. If we all feel that we are the school for you, we will invite your child to try a few classes with us with no obligation or strings. (On the other hand, if it seems clear we are not the just-right school for you, we will give you a list of some other schools in the area that may be better suited to your goals.)

What are you waiting for?

LIMITED TIME OFFER – 10 days of free training!