This Amazing Kids Martial Arts Class Teaches So Much More Than "Punches and Kicks"... It Also Changes Lives.

Kids become happier, more confident, more disciplined, and more full of life. That's the true gift of these classes, and we'd love to help your child too!

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See for yourself. Here’s what our members had to say:

I am a mom of 4 girls, and almost all of us train at Quest Martial Arts Chandler. It is so important for women to know how to defend themselves, as we are usually the targets for most attacks. We are learning how to keep ourselves safe, but also how to stay calm in a stressful situation, and how to show respect to all around us. This school provides character building as well as body, mind, and spirit. It has helped me to be a better, and more in control mom, and has given me peace of mind that my girls are learning to have the confidence and skill to handle themselves in any situation. Thanks Quest Martial Arts Chandler!

Wendy Farrington

My three boys (ages 3-7) have been attending the Mighty Dragons class at Quest Martial Arts since my oldest was 5. The boys say they like going to Mighty Dragons "Because it's fun!" :) Not only do they enjoy the games, and cool moves, but they've also gained in confidence, self-discipline, focus, and respect. Additionally, it has given me some peace of mind, as I'm more confident in their ability to handle real-life situations. Thank you!

Chere Sutherland

Our son has seen a wealth of growth at Quest Martial Arts Chandler. He has learned how to focus on the task at hand, and he has learned that hard work will definitely be rewarded. Teamwork is also a major component at Quest Martial Arts Chandler. He has learned to be humble and help everyone towards their goals. Sensei Leonard and Stinson have helped Liam work with a team as well as by himself.

Eric Cloud

We recently observed our 10-year-old nephew in a Jiu-Jitsu class at Quest Martial Arts in Chandler. We were so impressed, especially with the following: (1) All of the teachers were patient and calm and really seemed to enjoy the students; (2) There was so much diversity in the classroom: different ages, genders, ethnicities; (3) The friends and family observing the class greeted each other and respectfully watched; (4) But most importantly you could see and feel the excitement of the students learning useful techniques and life lessons. I would highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to master a martial art in an encouraging and fun environment.

Carol Hansen

Here’s what you will get in every single class.

Fun Fitness!

Exercise is more important than ever for kids these days. After all, video games, iPhones, and more make it so easy for them to stay inside!

That's why, in every class, your child will get powerful exercise disguised as fun games and excitement.

To them, it's just a whole lot of fun. To you, it's the healthy workout they need.

Amazing Life Lessons. Improved Concentration, Behavior, & Confidence.

Our classes are infused with powerful lessons that really stick for life.

Kids learn about hard work, goal setting, discipline, focus, confidence, leadership, and more.

We hear stories all the time of kids who focus better in school and improve grades... improve behavior at home... and grow up to be happy, successful members of our community.

That's what it's all about.

Self-Defense & Safety.

Of course, no martial arts class is complete without self-defense. And your child will learn plenty of it!

We also teach bully-prevention, "stranger danger", and other important lessons to keep your child safe and sound.

Community & Friendship.

Our classes are not about competition. Kids here don't want to be "better" than each other - instead, we teach them that we should all help each other get better and stronger.

The community here is very tight. New students are warmly welcomed and make friends right away. Shy kids come out of their shell.

It's a wonderful thing to see.

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