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Why Train at Quest Martial Arts Chandler?

By offering both To-Shin Do (learn about this incredible martial art below) and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, we offer practical, family-oriented training to defend ourselves from both standing attacks and attacks on the ground.

What Does Quest Do Differently From Other Arts?

You will walk out of your first class having learned a technique that you could immediately use to defend yourself.

Although fitness, katas and one-on-none training are all important, Quest Martial Arts Chandler emphasizes practicality and learning a system that allows you to defend yourself against all types of unarmed (and eventually armed) attacks.

What the Heck Is To-Shin Do?

To-Shin Do is a martial art founded by Black Belt Hall of Fame instructor Stephen K. Hayes in the early 90s and is a modernized version of ninjutsu. That’s right. You learn to train like a ninja.

Why Do I Want to Be a Ninja?

Of all the arts in the world to choose from, even Batman chose becoming a ninja.

All jokes aside, To-Shin Do teaches you to “win.” “Winning” is a philosophy that is at the core of this art, which loosely translates to using your specific body type and strengths to deal with any physical altercation and get home happy, healthy and safe.

Top 10 Reasons to Train at Quest

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    Quest is a safe, supportive and positive community

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    Learning this art is adventurous and thrilling

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    Improve health, fitness and energy levels

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    Realistic self-defense based

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    Develop self-discipline and laser focus

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    To understand the To-Shin Do concept of “winning” in all areas of life

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    Increase self-confidence

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    Feel Safer and More Secure

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    Improve relationships and communication

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    and most importantly… for fun!

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